Our Story


We are cashmere lovers and have always coveted luxurious, rich materials that have a minimalist luxe feel. We are passionate about creating cool, luxury knitwear. 

We design cashmere sweaters in gorgeous hues, elevating the everyday jean and tee combo.  

Our customers favour classic knitwear looks that balance performance, style and comfort. Cashmere that elevates sportswear and leisurewear to luxury levels and forms the core of their wardrobe.

Cashmere has traditionally been a more daytime choice, but is now an outfit option for dinner dates and events on those in-between warm and cold evenings, whilst a cashmere hoodie worn on your way to pilates or yoga is a chic look. Cashmere pants, ponchos and travel wraps are perfect for the avid traveller.  The whole point of of wearing such a gorgeous fibre is personal indulgence, which doesn’t have a timetable of uses and is perfect for every occasion and every season.

Cashmere is known as the “jewel of fibres” and is a truly versatile yarn.  It keeps you up to 3 times warmer than wool but breathes to keep you cool in the warmer months.  Cashmere lacks lanolin making it hypoallergenic and ensuring it doesn’t feel scratchy.  We source cashmere from Mongolia and manufacture in Nepal, Beijing, Shanghai and very soon New Zealand.  Cashmere is intensive to produce, from combing the undercoat of the goat to skilled artisans spinning the yarn into sweaters which always feel luxuriously soft against your skin. It can take the undercoats of 2-3 goats to make a sweater.  Hence the saying ‘2 goats, 1 sweater’. We don't believe in ‘fast fashion’, cashmere sweaters that are made with inferior raw materials, cheap construction methods and underpaid workers.

Like a good wine, quality cashmere improves with age and gets softer.  We want our sweaters to be passed onto the next generation and for this reason we have created our own care products.  

If you care for it and show it love, your cashmere will love you right back.

On the back of our success of our online store and demand for a retail presence we opened our Auckland store in 2017 followed by Christchurch in 2018 and now Queenstown in 2019. You can also find us in a number of retailers throughout New Zealand.